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The companion format designed by be.ez : LA robe En Ville.

Breaking news – be.ez has just launched “LA robe En Ville”, a new breed of sleeve. What sets this sleeve apart from the conventional ranges is its new companion format (22cm x 13cm x 0.8cm). Designed for both ladies and gents, this sleeve can serve two functions.

Handbag or rucksack organiser: In-di-spen-sa-ble! Called a “small pocket” or “small case”, this handbag sleeve slips into the bag, and we love it. Make no mistake, finding something in a bag at the first attempt is sometimes a surreal experience. With all manner of items jostling for space, including lipstick, diaries, hand cream, hand sanitiser gel, glasses, keys, pouches and other objects chucked in blindly “just in case”, the handbag is a real mess, hence the name “carry-all”. This is where the LA robe En Ville steps in. Thanks to its practical small size, LA robe En Ville knows how to keep a low profile, while helping you get better organised. It can hold make-up and also first-aid items (plasters, antiseptic spray and medicine).

Frequent travellers can use it to store their tickets, passport, travel toothbrush and toothpaste, etc.

But that is not all. This new format sleeve can especially be used for headphones and chargers for MacBooks, mobile phones and tablets. Furthermore, it will prevent them from potentially-damaging impacts.

Small pocket: The time has come to stop lugging around large heavy bags, bearing in mind that half of what is inside is not really essential.  Ideal as a daytime or night-time fashion accessory, La robe En Ville boasts the perfect format for your hectic evenings and days. For all those young ladies that have gone for a sober outfit, LA robe En Ville will add a splash of colour thanks to the sparkling and explosive summer tones from be.ez (citrico, tangerina and granita), and it is big enough to hold your mobile, purse, lipstick and chewing gum.

Now you are all set to make a colourful impression!