MATHIEU RIVIERE - Designer Illustrator - Hello Mathieu. Can you introduce yourself and tell us a bit more about who you are?

Hello, my name’s Mathieu and I’m a full-time designer-illustrator. I’ve been living in Sweden for four years now on one of Stockholm’s islands.

Can you tell us about your career?

Being a designer has given me an excellent opportunity to travel and discover new countries and cultures. After graduating from the Strate School of Design in Paris with a master’s in industrial design, I went to Denmark to work for LEGO as a concept designer. I headed back to Paris to take up a job with Lafuma, where I designed collections of children’s bags. Then I moved to Venice in Italy before returning to Stockholm in Sweden, where I design essential items for our kitchens!

I also started working as an illustrator a few years ago, including for Beez by creating pictures to accompany my travelogues, and now I’m producing more elaborate illustrations.


How would you describe your graphical style? Where do you draw your inspiration and what are your influences?

Drawing is so enjoyable, like reading a book or playing video games! I love drawing café terraces just as much as I like imagining Stockholm coming under attack from a giant octopus or bear! I don’t really have any specific influences, except my love for beautiful images. There are so many talented illustrators and people who I’ve been lucky enough to work with and who have influenced me in some way at some time or other.



What does Beez represent for you? What does the brand conjure up in your mind? 

My mind clearly associates Beez with LArobe, the iconic sleeve for our MacBooks! Then there’s the funny name, Beez, which is sort of intriguing.

LA robe En Ville - be.ez X Mathieu Riviere -

When and how did you come to work with Beez?

Nicolas contacted me nine years ago to take part in developing a new bag as part of the company’s plans to expand the Beez family. We held our first meeting at the “Café de l’Industrie” in Bastille, in Paris’s 11th arrondissement where Beez has since set up its permanent headquarters. Our partnership culminated in “LA besace“, which was soon followed by other creations, including the series for “LE rush“, the “LE reporter” bag and the “LE swift” business bag… Some of my travel illustrations also adorn some of the Robes, such as “I Love Paris” and “Москва“!

LE rush be.ez by Mathieu RIVIERE

How does Beez resonate with you and why did you agree to work with the brand?

Designing products for roaming consumers and a brand such as Beez represents a tremendous opportunity for a designer! I enjoy being able to focus on one project at a time, which helps the team produce the most stylish design possible for each new bag. Furthermore, my relationship with the Beez “family”, and Nicolas in particular, has gone from strength to strength as the years have gone by. We’ve been collaborating and working together for nine years now. I believe that is the type of professional – and personal – relationship that generates true added value.


In closing, what are your plans for the next few months? Can you give us any details?

I’ll be continuing to work as a product designer in Sweden! We always need meaningful objects in everyday life. I’m spending more and more of my time on illustrations. My latest collection is called “LEI” and features a series of portraits created from lines, marks and fragments of emotions. I hope I’ll get chance to show them in an exhibition in the near future!


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