be.ez4education: be.ez is actively committed!

« There is no stronger commitment than education – education in the general sense allows young children to nurture aspirations and set personal goals.
Education remains one of the main driving forces for reducing inequality and offering a way out of poverty! »

Nicolas Cottard – Founder & CEO of be.ez

For several years, be.ez has been building its recognised status as a leading force in the «hi- tech accessories» sector!
Drawing strength from its organizational culture and philosophy, the French brand remains attentive to society’s problems, especially educational issues and lack of access to high- quality education, which is key to human development.

By creating its «be.ez4education» program and leveraging specific universal values, be.ez is committed to the long term. The program will actively pursue a strategy that promotes a return to equal access to education for everyone and everywhere.

« be.ez4education » is be.ez’s commitment to advancing education not only in France, but also overseas!

Needs vary according to the country and the territorial area. In several developing countries, the lack of resources hinders and complicates access to education for many people.

Dar al ma'mûn FondationThe Dar al-Ma’mûn Foundation in Morocco is an example of the different initiatives that be.ez supports through its be.ez4education program. The French brand assists this UNESCO-labelled not-for-profit association with its educational actions and its ambition of creating greater freedom for rural populations in Morocco. Every week, approximately 300 people benefit from this program, which provides literacy classes for women and remedial lessons for children.

Dar AL ma'mun FellahDar AL Ma'mun Education

Another task of the be.ez4education program involves be.ez supporting initiatives in France aimed at protecting students from violence and bullying, so that schools could continue to be a place for personal development as opposed to a place for suffering.

Marion La Main Tendue AssociationFor this reason, be.ez partners with the Marion Fraisse La Main Tendue association, which tackles all types of school violence, from harassment to cyber-bullying. For instance, be.ez4education offered its support to the association during  the first organization of #FrenchBlueShirtDay on October 15th and regularly during events held at schools and conferences over the last few months by President Nora Fraisse, whose book entitled «Putting a Stop to Bullying» (Stop Au Harcélement in french) published by Calmann-Levy. french blues thirsdayTo amplify and develop the initiatives pioneered by the Marion Fraisse La Main Tendue association, on November 28th 2015, be.ez was involved in the first European Colloquium on New Génération Bullying in Luxembourg, during the International Convention on the Rights of the Child.

In 2016, the French brand will continue its commitment towards the association with other awareness-raising initiatives, especially overseas. On February 16th 2016 in Montreal, there will be a handful of French and Quebec artists, who will sing together to raise awareness to stamp out bullying.

be.ez has its sights on being a socially-responsible brand!

Through its be.ez4education program, be.ez is aiming to build its reputation as a responsible corporate sponsor by delivering support to educational and prevention programs, while actively raising awareness and alerting public opinion to sensitive issues concerning young people.

«Whoever supports education helps the nation grow!»
Nicolas Cottard – Founder & CEO of be.ez


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