be.ez 4 education : easy to commit

be.ez is a company that has firmly cemented its status as one of the leaders in the “High-Tech Accessories” sector.

We offer a rich and extensive range of laptop bags, iPad sleeves and iPhone cases.

But be.ez is clearly clued into the problems facing today’s world, especially education, which serves as a driving force for human development.

Such problems include a lack of access to quality teaching, educational projects or the associated tools and media.

be.ez is committed to actively helping create a level playing field for everyone, everywhere.

We have therefore decided to launch a support programme called “be.ez 4 education”.

“be.ez 4 education” represents our CSR commitment.

Our strategy is modelled on the approach of a socially-responsible company by delivering financial support to educational programmes, while actively alerting and raising awareness among the general public.

All these reasons prompted us to join forces with “Aide et Action”, a public-interest association approved by France’s Ministry of Education, and organise a charity awareness-raising evening featuring an auction among a host of hand-picked decision-makers in various fields of industry.

On Thursday, 13 February, scores of business leaders, SME owners, directors, tradespeople, lawyers, doctors, artists and journalists attended the event and joined us during the première of the “be.ez 4 education” programme.

An auction of original photographs and paintings was held, including customised accessories from the be.ez range.

All proceeds were donated to the “Aide et Action” association for international solidarity.

50% of the proceeds will finance projects in France.
25 % will be earmarked for Niger and
25% for Cambodia.

To build on the success of this inaugural stage, be.ez is planning to market a range of “myfirst be.ez” school bags in September 2014 with the following aid and communication programme:

For every bag bought = one bag will be donated! Donated “myfirst be.ez” bags will be sent to the “Aide et Action” association for distribution among its various projects.

The “be.ez 4 education” programme spearheaded by be.ez is only the start. We are masterminding a number of other programmes that will be unveiled during the year.

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