LE bag Pro

The fifth upgrade of our Pro backpack.

The most advanced backpack

Rethought from the ground up, improving every part we could think of, this is the new LE bag Pro.

Available in two sizes, a 13'' compatible one, and a bigger one for 15 and 17'' computer owners, this fifth edition of LE bag Pro took us over a year to develop to ensure it would bring the best backpack there is to MacBook Pro users.

Acclaimed features we kept and improved further are the neoprene panel organizer, the security brought by the flap structure, the fully padded and closed separate computer pocket, the vast choice of pockets, including secret pockets inside the bag and in the flaps, and the general "shell" design with the distinctive slice of color from the lining.

But to make things always better, we kept on going, and added a rain cover, moved the handle to a pocket to keep the function yet make the design even more streamlined, redesigned custom metal buckles, added a fast access pocket with a soft lining to damper sounds of keys, modified the shoulder straps to be even more comfortable under heavy loads and preserve the shape of the bag.

Then the details, like handle pocket and rain cover pocket feature a zipper slider that don't use the traditional puller so it doesn't jingle in your back or when you put the bag down, the little piece of pvc added at the computer pocket webbing to protect it from the velcro, the choice of mesh fabric for the pockets, strong yet soft, the size of the mesh holes to balance between visibility and securing smaller items...
All small details that also make the difference between a good solution, and a great one, details no one pay attention to because they are not meant to be noticed, but bring that little extra difference in your everyday life. 

For its streamlined and secure look, vast resources of pockets and organizers, quality of materials and construction, comfort under load, LE bag Pro is the best answer to take all your MacBook Pro gear with you, everyday.

Details :

  • Backpack for MacBook Pro. Exists in 2 versions, one for MBP 13, other for MBP 15/17.
  • Main body fabric in ballisitic nylon 1682D with double polyurethan backing
  • Nylon 210D with double PU backing lining, neoprene, jersey fabric and mesh fabrics also use for pockets and organizers.
  • Wind tunnel support structure created in high density foam and mesh fabric
  • Rain cover in nylon, protection level IPX4. Compatible with shoul- der straps.
  • Bag main compartments secured by flaps, closed with velcro and shoulder straps weight tension while carrying.
  • Fast access pocket with soft lining to damper sounds
  • Secret pockets in flaps, reachable without removing the bag, and inside the bag under fast access pocket.
  • Padded computer pocket with lid. Double mesh pocket between back and computer to keep your documents flat. CD organizer along computer pocket.
  • Reflective printing on the rain cover for your own safety by night.

LE bag Pro 13

MacBook 13

MacBook 13 & MacBook Pro 13

330 x 232 x 27 mm  ~   13.00 x 9.12 x 1.08 ''


32 x 19 x 42 cm - 12.6 x 7.4 x 16.5’’ - 1.3 Kg


PN 101053 | EAN 3700313910702

LE bag Pro 17

MacBook Pro 15

MacBook Pro 15 / MacBook Pro 15 Retina

max : 364 x 249 x 24 mm  ~  14.35 x 9.82 x 0.95 ''

MacBook Pro 17''

MacBook Pro 17

393 x 267 x 25 mm  ~   15.47 x 10.51 x 0.98''


36 x 20 x 47 cm - 14 x 8 x 18.5’’ - 1.51 Kg


PN 101037 | EAN 3700313910542