LA robe Lens

tl_files/products/color-swatch/club-swatch.gif Black / Safran  tl_files/products/color-swatch/kingfisher.gif Kingfisher

Distinctive, urban and contemporary design featuring waterproof coated canvas

An innovative lens protection

With LA robe Lens, be.ez launches a lens protection like no other :

• Adding to its acclaimed memory foam protection, LA robe Lens comes with a coated waterproof canvas that gives a very refined and qualitative finish.

• We designed the zipper opening to give large access to your lens, yet doubled it inside with neoprene lip to ensure there would be no rough contact with your gear.

• Outside, the well-known full metal be.ez puller has been replaced with a new silicon puller mounted on metal base to combine the best of sturdiness with a soft touch to protect even the gear around the sleeve...

• Finally, as we saw much more lenses carried in bags than attached outside of bags, we made the design as a tube with no outside flap to attach it to a bag, making it more pure and less cumbersome, just the best looking lens protection around!

Assorted colors with LA robe Club Black Safran.


  • Low Resilience Polyurethane (LRPu) Technology.
  • Robe protection thickness 5 mm memory foam
  • Waterproof coated canvas for great protection
  • Soft fleece lining & neoprene inner lip for maximum cushioning
  • Custom silicone puller to avoid damaging other items in your bag


SLR lenses - please check techdata for size compatibility charts.

Download technical datasheets :

application/pdf LArobe_Lens-techdata-en.pdf (779.3 KiB)

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100983 LA robe Lens PRIME, Black/Safran 3700313910054
100984 LA robe Lens ZOOM, Black/Safran 3700313910061
100985 LA robe Lens TELE, Black/Safran 3700313910078
100986 LA robe Lens PRO, Black/Safran 3700313910085
101038 LA robe Lens PRIME Kingfisher 3700313910559
101039 LA robe Lens ZOOM Kingfisher 3700313910566
101040 LA robe Lens TELE Kingfisher 3700313910573
101041 LA robe Lens PRO Kingfisher 3700313910580